Special Guest Blogger: Peter Tempko, CMA, Tampa IMA Chapter


I decided to pursue my CMA because I knew that it would help to make me stand out as an accounting professional. I had several years of experience in accounting both as a consultant and at a privately owned company. Adding the CMA to my resume, and promoting it to everyone I knew in business, helped to solidify it as a way for employers to identify great potential employees.

I committed to getting my CMA in 2010 and by the end of that year I had it.

Before getting my CMA, I had worked at the same company for 10 years. Since receiving my CMA, I have had two separate opportunities at companies that were both experiencing significant growth. The first opportunity came in the beginning of 2011, just months after I received my CMA and had started looking for a more challenging role. While that was a great position in a great, growing company, I was approached with an even more challenging position, also in a rapidly growing company, by mid-2011. I still hold that position as the controller at American Tool & Mold in Clearwater, FL.

I found that just by committing myself to getting my CMA helped to put me in a mindset to overcome obstacles, better manage my time, and start the process of taking the next step in my career. Getting involved in my local IMA chapter helped me to improve my professional network and gave me ideas on where and how to look for more challenging work.

If you are reading this, you are most likely considering getting your CMA. While I highly recommend gathering enough information to know the time and cost that will be required to get your CMA, I also recommend that you just get the process started. You will be surprised at how you can “find” time in your schedule to make the studying happen, especially by committing to testing dates.

As more employers become aware of the 30 CPE requirement with the CMA, they will understand that they are hiring an employee that is committed to keeping up to date with the evolving field of accounting and that the employee will always keep the company’s best interests in mind. Having my CMA has opened many doors for me and will continue to do so in the future.


*Every couple weeks we turn the spotlight onto someone who is already a CMA as they explain why they decided to pursue the designation and how passing the CMA exam has helped them in their career.  Check out the CMA Exam Materials Here*